Cummin Up!

London 2017 -

Shortlisted for The Dentons Art Prize 2017

Curated by Niamh White


DAS ESSEN, November 2017. Curated by Vlada Tcharyeva

New York

Et Tu, Art Brute? Curated by Jamie Sterns

Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery
New York City 10012

Opening Reception - November 17th - 6-8pm

Exhibition open 17th November 2017 - 28th January 2018


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The Honey Trap, a film for School Of The Damned 'Happiness' Exhibition at Assembly House, Leeds, July 2015 from Phillip Reeves

Another Town For Another Life from Phillip Reeves

Water Damage (Detail) 

Sausage Fingers
: Sausage Fingers


Armitage Shanks
: Armitage Shanks

Giuseppe Garibaldi (Green) 

Edgar Allen Poe (Detail) 

Bismarck as A Jelly Baby Man 


Otto Van Bismarck
: Otto Van Bismarck

: Marigolds

Silent Disco
: Silent Disco

: Whomping

Say Shells
: Say Shells

This Summer in Seoul
: This Summer in Seoul

Domestic Bliss
: Domestic Bliss

Big Top Circus Inflator II 

Big Top Circus Inflator I 


Holy Ghost Zone 

Living Memories 

Noh Masks 

Old Lady in Fur Coat, E60 St 

Pig Husbandry Midwifery 


Light Years 





Another Town For Another Life (1)
: Another Town For Another Life (1)




Two Smokers (Left Panel)
: Two Smokers (Left Panel)

Two Smokers (Right Panel)
: Two Smokers (Right Panel)