Cummin Up!

London 2017 -

Shortlisted for The Dentons Art Prize 2017

Curated by Niamh White


Exhibiting at Lynn Painter - Stainers Prize

6 – 18 March 2017 - The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London
25 March – 22 April 2017 - The Guildhall Gallery, Surrey

Afters - Denmark

8 - 13 June 2017 - SAUSAGE PILE UP
Vesterbro Showroom - Copenhagen, with Blue House


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Film Montage of Sausage Pile Up, June 2017

The Honey Trap, a film for School Of The Damned 'Happiness' Exhibition at Assembly House, Leeds, July 2015 from Phillip Reeves

Another Town For Another Life from Phillip Reeves



Water Damage (Detail) 

Sausage Fingers
: Sausage Fingers


Armitage Shanks
: Armitage Shanks

Giuseppe Garibaldi (Green) 

Edgar Allen Poe (Detail) 

Bismarck as A Jelly Baby Man 


Otto Van Bismarck
: Otto Van Bismarck

: Marigolds

Silent Disco
: Silent Disco

: Whomping

Say Shells
: Say Shells

This Summer in Seoul
: This Summer in Seoul

Domestic Bliss
: Domestic Bliss

Big Top Circus Inflator II 

Big Top Circus Inflator I 


Holy Ghost Zone 

Living Memories 

Noh Masks 

Old Lady in Fur Coat, E60 St 

Pig Husbandry Midwifery 

Light Years 





Another Town For Another Life (1)
: Another Town For Another Life (1)




Two Smokers (Left Panel)
: Two Smokers (Left Panel)

Two Smokers (Right Panel)
: Two Smokers (Right Panel)